Bridal Beauty Tips

Looking your absolute best on your wedding day is important and ensuring this takes a few simple, yet very important steps on getting your skin in perfect condition.
A great canvas is paramount for any artist and this includes your skin being in tip top condition for your makeup artist.

Be sure to give your skincare regime some consideration, whether this is advanced or basic. Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing will ensure your skin is supple and ready for a flawless base.

About a month before is a good time to consider your makeup trial, if you are considering a spray tan I would also advise having a trial to be sure you achieve the right tan to suit your skin, as they do vary in colour. The same applies for eyelash extensions, which are becoming increasingly popular. Have a trial run and be sure your technician is qualified as you don’t want to risk any kind of reaction so close to the big day.

During this time it will also be beneficial to have a hydrating facial, I would never advise trying anything too radical on the skin in case your skin reacts, remembering this is not the time to be trialing new products and treatments.

In the week leading up to the wedding, I would recommend having all your finishing touch beauty treatments done such as waxing, spray tanning and eyelash extensions.

Be sure to also take care of what’s happening inside your body as your skin will reflect this. Plenty of water and plenty of sleep and most importantly relax and enjoy the entire experience.