Eyelash Extensions Cairns

“Lengthen and add volume to your lashes from naturally enhanced to dramatically full lashes”

As a Fully qualified Beauty Therapist and Eyelash Technician it is important to ensure your lashes are cared for beyond your application.

Eyelash extensions – Silk and Mink lashes are much more comfortable to wear than traditional synthetic lashes and are preferable in the extension application. Each lash is applied to each of your own individual lashes in order to add length and volume.

Important Aftercare

For the first 2 hours

Do not allow water to contact the eyelashes

For the first 24hrs

Avoid contact with hot water or steam over the face
Avoid swimming or exercise that may cause sweating


Where possible avoid sleeping on your lashes, this can bend the natural and synthetic lash.
Avoid rubbing eyes as this can damage the lashes.
Avoid heat treatments such as steam rooms/sauna.
Use only water-soluble mascara.
Only use oil free eye makeup remover around the eyes and avoid the lashes altogether.
Do not attempt to remove the lashes as you risk pulling out your natural lashes.
The lashes should be assessed and touched up after 2-3 weeks.